Virtual Phone System with all the bells & whistles

Standard Features
DashboardDashboard gives you an overview of vital PBXware information. It displays hardware usage, main services status, information on system and gloCOM licensing as well as the number of Total calls, Answered calls, SIP registrations etc.
Auto-AttendantHave your virtual phone system perform as your receptionist by answering calls with a company greeting and offering callers the option to dial an extension, access the directory, or press a digit to be routed to a department.
Greetings can be recorded from any telephone or by uploading an audio file.
Enhanced schedules allow different menus and prompts to be played during and after business hours or holidays.
Hunt GroupsCreate hunt groups for accounting, help desk or other internal or external departments. Each hunt group has it owns schedule and final destination. Extra features include exit digit, special ring tone, change ring tone, change ring strategy, record the call and more
Conference RoomsConference rooms allow two or more participants to communicate with each other at the same time using voice, video*, or both. Enhanced
Music On HoldMusic on Hold is music or advertisements played to callers while they are holding. System supports streaming and file uploads
Company GreetingsCompany greetings can be recorded from any telephone or an uploaded file
Telephone NumbersTelephone numbers (DID’s) can be routed to an IVR, extension, conference room, hunt group or external number. Advanced features such as schedules, ringtone, record call, replace caller ID and more
Operational TimesSet up when you want to get calls. Send calls to an alternate phone number, voicemail or IVR based on the day of week, time of day, or holiday. Times can be set at any level such as DID, hunt group, extension and IVR’s
Fax ClientReceive faxes and view them directly on your computer. Check Fax history of received files. Faxes can be received directly from the IVR or dedicated DID
*Optional feature, call for more information.
**Depending on deskphone, softphone has an appearance with call control for each call.