PBXware at a glance

PBXware Advanced Features

PBXware is an extensive and fully customizable VoIP solution providing you with a comprehensive set of features and capabilities of BICOM’s enterprise phone system. It offers greater flexibility and customization including enhanced features such as the following:

 Park Key – Parking Lots
Park keys can be created for each department or branch with multiple positions.
Recall timers can be set for each Parking Lot.
Recalls can be directed to the original extension, ring group, queue or voicemail.
Different ring tone and Caller ID can be assigned on recalls
Different Music on hold can be played to callers placed on park.

Central Phone Book for Yealink – gloCOM and gloCOM GO 6
Is shared across all gloCOM users, and synced together with the rest of the user contacts (Google, CRM etc.). Beside contacts managed by the administrator, a personal list of contacts can be managed as well. Personal phone books can be managed through Online Self Care.

Queues – Business addition
Assign extensions as static or login
Busy extensions can be set to receive queue calls or not
Ring strategy modes are ring all, linear, round robin, random, least recent
Music on hold selection
Different ring tone and Caller ID can be assigned on calls from the queue
Call routing can be based on maximum number of caller, Queue full or empty
Timers to decide on how long a caller is allowed to wait in queue before re-routed
Periodic hold announcements can be played to callers
Position announcements can be played to caller
Record queue calls
Play music or ring bac to caller in queue
Special incoming call flags can be set per queue
Opening greeting can be played prior to routing caller to an extension
Agent announcement on answering call identifying the queue
Exit digit to leave the queue to voicemail or other destination

IVR Options
Configurable digit destination 0-1, * and #
IVR types are standard, multi-digit, PIN based and Meeting
Advanced operations time schedule
Fax detection with email as PDF to extension or external email address
Transfer calls from IVR with ringing or selected music on hold
Do not allow extension dialing
Block certain extensions from being dialed from the IVR
Custom ring tone and Caller ID set when calls are transferred
If no choice made last destination is configurable
Greetings can be recorded directly to the IVR from an extension or audio file

Receive faxes from DID or IVR
Cover page with company logo for outbound via gloCOM
Fax a PDF file direct from your PC using gloCOM
Printer drivers loaded with gloCOM to send from your applications

Conference Rooms
Standard 10 conference rooms and is expandable based on seat count
Standard 20 callers to a room and is expandable based on seat count
No per minute charge (Toll free charges apply)
Password for host and guest
Options to callers is configurable per conference room

Comprehensive Role Based Management
System administrators are able to create groups and users permissions in order to delegate the administration of PBXware. Users are grouped by: Administrator, Site Admin, Operator, Manager, and Other Custom Groups

EXTENSIONS – Quick look of top used features
Extension numbers can be 2 to 16 digits* (DID optional)
gloCOM business softphone – provides control of IP telephone or as stand-lone
Voicemail, unavailable greeting and temporary greeting for holiday
Voicemail to email, cc copies to other emails
Activate message lights on other sets you have voicemail
Follow-me, ring up to 5 numbers, activate/deactivate with access codes
Personal Group Hunt. ring up to 10 numbers, activate/deactivate with access codes
Call Forward to internal or external number
Call Screening
Speed dial and new for version 6 central phone book
Do Not Disturb (DND)
Call pick in group and direct call pick up
Internal paging groups with out multi-cast
Call rerecording
Personal operations times for scheduling
Online self-care portal
Wake up
Toll restriction
Register up to 3 devices
No VPN required, internet access only
Support for gloCOM and gloCOM Go 6 softphone
Department for directory sort (can belong to more then 1)
Changeable Caller ID from the user side
Anonymous calls, set for one call or all calls
Control number of inbound and outbound calls with voicemail or busy status
Auto provisioning of IP phone
Time Zone
Hot desking
Conference calls from a desk phone with 3 to 10 calls (depending on device)
Conference calls using gloCOM, drag and drop up to 20 callers

Voicemail to email with optional speech to text transcription
All users have voicemail to email with carbon copy to other users.
For transcription PBXware integrates with Google Cloud Speech-to-Text and IBM Watson (STT). Get text transcriptions of your voicemail messages sent to your mail.

PBXware’ s optional contact center is designed to simplify and enhance call management at the busy call centers and contact centers of any size.
Contact Center PBX enables you to increase efficiency in the workplace and transform the way you conduct business, with each edition supporting specific features maximizing performance, reliability, and expandability.
Give your business all the tools it needs to effectively start and manage inbound call campaigns with detailed statistics, reporting and monitoring. Upgrade to PBXware Contact Center, and provide your customers with a consistent and quality experience.

Agent & Supervisor Application
Tie together all of your Contact Center PBX communications in a simple interface via gloCOM Agent and Supervisor editions. CC Supervisor enables real-time monitoring of Agents and Queues, tracking agents’ performance and generating comprehensive statistics reports, while the CC Agent edition provides agents with the right tools to maximize productivity, reduces unnecessary interruptions and makes communication with customers more effective.

Real-Time Agent Monitoring
Ensure that your call center workforce is effective, successful and consistently delivering outstanding customer service. Use the “Monitor” feature to listen in on an active call and identify problems quickly and while listening use “Whisper” to speak with the agent without the caller knowing, or “Call Barge” to speak with the agent and the caller.

Unlimited Queues (ACD)
Automatic Call Distribution system helps keep customers on the line by routing incoming calls to the agent with the most suitable skill-set who can address the caller’s needs properly. ACD is a very important component of a call center and communication system. Some of its capabilities include Priority Routing, First In – First Out (FIFO), Queue Call-back, Call Monitor, Call Barging and more.

Contact Center PBX Wallboard
PBXware Contact Center Wallboards provide the information for all your agents in real time. Data is presented in a way that is easier to read and helps measure the call center performance. Wallboards keep Agents informed with all call center activities while allowing them to remain focused on their own tasks.

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