Version 6

Mobile Chat for gloCOM GO users

Mobile Chat
Mobile Chat

The chat function on gloCOM and gloCOM GO has been improved and unified in version 6! Before, users could only join dynamic/existing conference calls and receive and place calls on gloCOM GO. Now the instant messaging feature on gloCOM is available on your mobile device.  

Users now have all the same chat functions from gloCOM on gloCOM GO. Functions like: Group Chat, Name the Chat, Drag-and-Drop Contacts, Search in Message, and File Sharing. The data syncs between desktop and mobile applications so users will never miss a message.  

Central Phone Book

Centralized Phonebook
Central Phonebook

The Central Phone Book feature was highlighted in our teaser post about V6! This feature improves user contact management by allowing PBXware administrators to manage a centralized list of contacts. Central Phone Book enables you to sync your professional and personal contact directories directly into your PBXware system. 

Central Phone Book is shared across all gloCOM users and their supported endpoints like Poly, Yealink, Cisco, etc. Thanks to a mini LDAP server, the sync is instant! Before, users would have to reset their phones to save the contact.

gloCOM Business Edition

gloCOM Business Edition is a unified communications tool of immense capabilities. You may finally rely on a single application to handle your entire day-to-day communication. Having Voice and Video calls, Conferencing (Static and Dynamic), Instant messaging, Faxing, File sharing, CRM and Outlook integration is bound to liven up your work day. Sit back and enjoy!

High-quality softphone, full control over all calls

gloCOM Softphone design provides a dialpad similar to a standard VoIP desk phone, with a slightly improved layout and functionality. The wide variety of features and actions provided by Softphone are perfectly suited to modern and computerized communication. Your desk phone is simply not needed anymore. Manage all aspects of your calls visually. No more hassle over dialing a number published on a web page or contained in an email. Access your voicemail inbox instantly and transfer calls directly to desired extensions. With gloCOM, everything is simply a click away.

Wake-Up Calls, for our Hotel/Motel customers

Wakeup Calls
Setting a Wake up Call

This feature was highly requested by our partners and is a necessity for hotels, motels, etc. In the Enhanced Services section of PBXware, there are two options provided to set Wake-Up Calls:

  • Enhanced Services – Wake-Up Call – *411 
  • Enhanced Services – Operator Wake-Up Call – *412

The difference between the two options is *411 is a regular Wake-Up Call you create for yourself and *412, Operator Wake-Up Call, allows you to set it for someone else. In both cases, you go through an IVR and give the necessary information regarding the time when the wake-up call will be made. In the IVR, users can also edit, create new, list, or clear all as needed. 

When you receive a Wake-Up Call, a different IVR is triggered where you can decide to cancel or snooze the call, like you would an alarm.  

PBXware Contact Center Edition add on’s

Blending Mode

Call Blending options

The newest version of Contact Center supports a blending mode for Agents. Blending mode is available in two forms, Automatic and Manual. In automatic blending mode, the system will automatically switch the agent between Inbound (Queue) and Outbound (Campaign) calls.

This will increase the productivity time of the agent, because they will always be on the phone. However, it is good to have the option to choose which mode you want to be in when the volume of calls increases. Manual Blending makes it possible to switch between Inbound and Outbound calls manually. The switching mode can be managed by the agent, in the agent panel, or by the supervisor. 


Automated Dialer

PBXware CC Edition 6 now offers a licensed Dialer feature! This new feature allows lists of data to be loaded into the database. Then the application runs and dials these numbers based on the algorithm or settings entered by the administrator. 

While using the dialer, the agent’s interface displays specific information on each call, as well as who is next. The information the agent receives is completely customizable and can be done through the admin login. 

The dialer is managed through campaigns because every campaign has a list of leads that must be called. The admin of the campaign is in charge of the strategy the dialer will use, Power, Progressive, or Preview. When the campaign is complete, a report with names, numbers dialed, and the outcome of the call will be available.  

Skill Based Routing (SBR) 

Skill Based Routing
Skill Based Routing

In PBXware 5, we introduced queue rules and penalties. A penalty classifies how the calls are distributed to the agents through the queues. For example, if you had no penalties or a penalty of one, you are the highest priority agent. The system will assign calls to the highest priority agents first, and then only if everyone is busy, it would go to your lowest priority agents. 

With that being said, the SBR feature in Version 6 makes it possible to open a call to more members or a completely different set of members! Agents with different penalties can now answer a call during different periods, as previously defined in the rules section. 

For example, in a contact center, you may have agents who are trained in different departments. If you had an agent who was experienced in sales, working in the support department, that could be of advantage to you. The administrator can set the support employee with experience in selling to the lowest priority.  In the event the sales queue is extremely busy, the support employee could help. The admin would need to set a rule for the sales queue as “when all sales agents are busy, and customers in the queue have been waiting longer than a minute…” then another member could answer the line. 

The ultimate efficiency in Business Unified Communications
gloCOM - Business Unified Communications - Manage Costs

Manage costs

Control costs of your company operations. Get rid of that ridiculously expensive phone system and huge phone bills – now!

gloCOM - Business Unified Communications - Stay in Motion

Stay in motion

It allows switching phones without the need to hang up the call. Click one button, walk away from your desk and answer the call on your mobile ext.

gloCOM - Business Unified Communications - Reduce Workload

Reduce workload

As gloCOM makes each task a little bit easier, it actually reduces workload and stress. Better productivity will save you time…and time is money.

gloCOM - Business Unified Communications - Control Your Time

Control your time

With gloCOM presence functions – plan how and when to communicate with your colleagues. Know the instant someone hangs up with the call when available feature… no need to watch a BLF.

sipMon - SIP Monitoring - Call Recording

Callback to GSM/PSTN Numbers

Besides your deskphone, gloCOM can also be used to call back any phone number, mobile or landline. Once you answer the call on your mobile phone (for example), you will still be able to use all the features available in gloCOM in order to control the call through the desktop application.

gloCOM - Business Unified Communications - Centralized Contacts

Centralized contacts

Having everything in the right place will allow the agent to do their job without the need to open multiple tabs in their browsers, the CRM add-on will open the relevant tabs from their CRM system for them.

Switch between calls or conferences

gloCOM allows a user to use all unified comms and standard comms features. Create and control dynamic conference calls on any SIP phone or SoftPhone. Convert two-way calls into a conference call, and add as many participants as you’d like (dynamic conferencing). Use drag & drop to easily add a third person to your phone call conversation. The added person receives a call and upon answering they will join the conference call. You can add as many users as needed.

Skype for Business integration

The Skype for business module is used for the integration between Skype for Business and gloCOM. This module allows you to sync your gloCOM and Skype online presence and initiate a regular or conference call with one or multiple Skype for business contacts via gloCOM.

Faxing client (FoIP)

Send a document as a fax directly from its native application (using print/fax driver), or send faxes directly from gloCOM (PDF files only). Receive faxes and view them directly on your computer. Check Fax history of received files.


Conversation face to face with your co-workers provides a much closer connection, better understanding and the ability to stress the importance of a certain issue.

*Some features requires additional setup and or licensing