Yealink UH36 Headsets

NEW! gloCOM Version 6.6 Desktop Synchronizations

The Yealink UH36, available in monaural (UH36 Mono) and binaural (UH36 Dual), is a
professional USB wired headset to facilitate the conversations in ways that your concentration zone and focus is easily got in and the listening fatigue is reduced as well. Provided with
Yealink USB Connect software and Yealink Device Management Platform/Cloud Service,
you are easy to check the device information and upgrade the firmware of one or multiple
UH36 headsets.

NEW with gloCOM Version 6.6 Desktop Synchronizations of control keys:

  • Answer / End call
  • Call Mute
  • Redial – Press phone key twice
  • Volume Control

      Activate on your gloCOM under Tools/Preferences/Audio/Yealink