A business phone solution equally capable in the office, on the road or at home. With gloCOM, gloCOM GO and gloCOM Web, our Desktop & Mobile Unified Communications applications are designed to provide business users with a set of features, tools and benefits transforming your companies communications system into a real powerhouse.

Powered by PBXware our scalable Next Generation Communication solution integrates seamlessly including Phone, SIP Trunking, Messaging, Meeting, Faxing, Collaboration and 3rd party service integrations such as TEAMS .

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gloCOM softphone
Collaborate seamlessly without missing a beat – Strongest Communications TRIO built for SaaS

gloCOM Softphone, Web & Mobile options

gloCOM is a powerful desktop and mobile Unified Communications

gloCOM is a powerful desktop and mobile Unified Communications application specifically designed to take your business communications to a whole new level by tightly integrating with PBXware, our VoIP Telephony Platform. Its main purpose is to simplify and enhance your day-to-day communication and collaboration experience.

gloCOM makes it easy to connect everything—voice, video, chat, messaging, and more delivering effortless experiences for customers and employees. Soft devices include PC, MAC, Mobile and Web and all are fully integrated to your supported choice of hardware.

Visual voicemail allows your team members to respond to messages faster. Voicemail messages can be *transcribed and sent to email with an MP3 attachment so they can be quickly reviewed and replied to as needed.

gloCOM directory allows employees to view the presence of every team member at a glance or by department, who’s available and who is not. They can then chat, transfer the call or drag the member into the current conversation.  

gloCOM Integrates with your Microsoft Outlook or Google allowing click to dial or drag contacts into a conversation.

Whether you are returning to the office, going fully remote or moving to a hybrid working model, gloCOM supports all of these with a single product offering.

gloCOM Web


Unlike other gloCOM products, gloCOM Web does not require download and installation. All you need is a computer or smartphone and a good Internet connection. Simply login in to your domain with a supported browser to make and receive calls, start a conference and much more…

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gloCOM meeting

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gloCOM meeting is a module that allows any user to set up meetings without the hassle of switching applications. With access to all of your gloCOM contacts you can start collaborating with a single click.

gloCOM meeting allows you to meet with multiple users simultaneously, while offering: Video Conferencing – in grid and speaker view, Audio Conferencing, Screen Sharing – specific application or whole screen sharing, Remote Control when screen sharing, and Group chat.

You can also schedule meetings in advance and even set up recurring meetings that suit your team’s needs.

Added support for public meetings. This is a meeting where everyone can join with the meeting number. There is no need to invite users. The public meeting checkbox is added in the meeting module window and in the schedule dialog.

This new feature will also send status updates as an SMS message,

With SMS, users can send and receive text messages from their desktop application gloCOM using the icon in their Desktop application module tab.

This new feature will also send status updates as an SMS message, for example if the text was delivered or read. Supervisors have access to the MDR (Message Detail Record) in PBXware. They can keep track of the incoming and outgoing messages all in one place! Having the MDR will make it easier for providers to bill directly.

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Contact Center Solution Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate

Elevate the Customer Experience with Contact Center

Are you running an existing and established Contact Center with many different campaigns, or looking to start one inside your organization?

Call Center Edition of PBXware is designed to simplify and enhance call management at the busy call centers and contact centers of any size. Contact Center PBX enables you to increase efficiency in the workplace and transform the way you conduct business, with each edition supporting specific features maximizing performance, reliability, and expandability.

Give your business all the tools it needs to effectively start and manage inbound call campaigns with detailed statistics, reporting and monitoring. Upgrade to PBXware Contact Center, and provide your customers with a consistent and quality experience.

Agent & Supervisor Application

Tie together all of your Contact Center PBX communications in a simple interface via gloCOM Agent and Supervisor editions. CC Supervisor enables real-time monitoring of Agents and Queues, tracking agents’ performance and generating comprehensive statistics reports, while the CC Agent edition provides agents with the right tools to maximize productivity, reduces unnecessary interruptions and makes communication with customers more effective.


Contact Center Edition has a licensed Dialer feature. This feature allows lists of data to be loaded to a database, after which an application runs and dials these numbers based on the algorithm or settings entered by the Administrator. The Agent’s interface of the Dialer displays Agents with specified information regarding each call. Furthermore, this information is customizable through the Administrator login.

Dialer is managed through Campaigns. Every Campaign has lists of Leads and associated Agents (members). A Campaign is in charge of dialing the Leads and connecting them to Agents or any other different Destinations. Same as in Queue, an Administrator has a lot of possibilities to choose how a Campaign will perform dialing and bridging.

Unlimited Queues (ACD)

Automatic Call Distribution system helps keep customers on the line by routing incoming calls to the agent with the most suitable skill-set who can address the caller’s needs properly. ACD is a very important component of a call center and communication system. Some of its capabilities include Priority Routing, First In – First Out (FIFO), Queue Call-back, Call Monitor, Call Barging and more.

Monitor Pages

A Campaigns’ Monitor page allows users to see a full list of all existing Campaigns on the system and access further information regarding important Real-Time data. Users may see a table divided into three main sections CallsAgents, and Contacts. These three sections are then divided into several subsections for a better organization which makes it completely user-friendly.

Yealink Recommended

Voice & Video, Deliver Productivity and Versatility

T5 Smart Media Phones Designed to help business customers to connect and collaborate smoothly and easily in a fast-changing world, Yealink T5 Smart Media phones are all-in-one solutions that facilitate streamlined and efficient communications. The T5 Smart Media phones give businesses of all sizes effortless customization and built-in ease thanks to the Android operating system, an industry-unique design and enriched features. The T54W, T58V, T58A and T59 represent an ideal combination of tradition and innovation.

Desktop – Mobile – Wireless – CTI Integration

Virtual Phone System with all the bells & whistles

Standard Features
DashboardDashboard gives you an overview of vital PBXware information. It displays hardware usage, main services status, information on system and gloCOM licensing as well as the number of Total calls, Answered calls, SIP registrations etc.
Auto-AttendantHave your virtual phone system perform as your receptionist by answering calls with a company greeting and offering callers the option to dial an extension, access the directory, or press a digit to be routed to a department.
Greetings can be recorded from any telephone or by uploading an audio file.
Enhanced schedules allow different menus and prompts to be played during and after business hours or holidays.
Hunt GroupsCreate hunt groups for accounting, help desk or other internal or external departments. Each hunt group has it owns schedule and final destination. Extra features include exit digit, special ring tone, change ring tone, change ring strategy, record the call and more
Conference RoomsConference rooms allow two or more participants to communicate with each other at the same time using voice, video*, or both. Enhanced
Music On HoldMusic on Hold is music or advertisements played to callers while they are holding. System supports streaming and file uploads
Company GreetingsCompany greetings can be recorded from any telephone or an uploaded file
Telephone NumbersTelephone numbers (DID’s) can be routed to an IVR, extension, conference room, hunt group or external number. Advanced features such as schedules, ringtone, record call, replace caller ID and more
Operational TimesSet up when you want to get calls. Send calls to an alternate phone number, voicemail or IVR based on the day of week, time of day, or holiday. Times can be set at any level such as DID, hunt group, extension and IVR’s
Fax ClientReceive faxes and view them directly on your computer. Check Fax history of received files. Faxes can be received directly from the IVR or dedicated DID
QueuesCallers can be handled more efficiently being held in a queue, listening to music on hold and receiving information messages about approximate wait time and/or their position in queue.
Members in a queue can be set as fixed or have to login/out of a queue.
SoftphonegloCOM is a unified communications tool of immense capabilities. You may rely on a single application to handle your entire day-to-day communication. Having Voice and Video calls, Conferencing (Static and Dynamic), Instant messaging, Faxing, File sharing and SMS.
*Optional feature, call for more information.
**Depending on deskphone, softphone has an appearance with call control for each call.